My Philsophy

What is Holistic Health?
Holistic health isn't a diet, but a lifestyle. It doesn't focus on illness or specific parts of the body. It is an ancient approach to health that considers the whole body and how that person interacts with their environment. Holistic health focuses on the body, mind, spirit connection of the individual, as well as the root cause of illness. I believe preparing whole foods in your home kitchen, using foods from your home garden, and using kitchen therapy brings you and your family one step closer to the goal of a strong and healthy body, mind, and spirit.
What my goal is, is to help you as an individual to achieve maximum well-being, in body, mind, & spirit. I want to help you to live a long, healthy, and happy life.
What is kitchen therapy?
Kitchen therapy is a way of using your kitchen and home garden to celebrate wellness as a whole. The kitchen and garden not only have the ability to renew the body but also renew the spirit, through the love of healthy food, inspiration, laughter, and togetherness as human beings. 
Culinary Therapy: definition- encompasses cooking and cooking-related activities, such as cultivating a garden planning and preparing meals, and educational grocery shopping experiences.
Come on a journey with me, on a journey where the destination is health, happiness, and the love of good cooking, preserving, laughter, and togetherness. Enjoying tasty healthy meals and the joys of nature in the garden.
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